Sustainable WASH in Communities (WinC) – Self-paced Course

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Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) plays a key role in not only promoting health among communities but also in improving the quality of life of individuals in the target communities. WASH programmes continue to face the challenge of sustainability especially in developing countries. Sustainability mechanisms focus on ensuring that the established WASH systems continue to function optimally over an extended period of time. Sustainability is multi-dimensional consisting of enabling factors, technical factors, community factors and environmental factors among others.

We have organized a training focusing on promoting sustainability of WASH interventions in target communities. The course will serve to contribute towards the realization of SDG 6 (Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all) and the concomitant targets.

Course objective

To equip participants with knowledge and skills on sustainable management of WASH interventions in communities.

Course content/modules

  • Introduction to WASH in Communities (WinC);
  • Sustainable community water supply systems;
  • Sustainable community sanitation facilities;
  • Sustainable community hygiene promotion;
  • Community participation in WASH interventions;
  • Institutional set-up for WASH programmes;
  • Cost recovery for WASH services.

Language of instruction


Target group

WASH programme staff of humanitarian and development agencies including project managers, officers, engineers, hygiene promoters and public health officers.

Training methodology

The training method of delivery will consist of recordings, PowerPoint presentation, documentaries, articles, reference materials, quizzes and assessments.

Training cost

The training cost is US$ 350 and it covers the tuition fees, learning materials and certification. Further information will be provided upon inquiry.

Application process

Applicants should complete the Course Application Form and send the duly filled scanned copy of the form to

Tailor-made training option

We can provide your organization a tailor-made training with similar content but addressing your specific capacity needs. In case you want to explore this option, you can contact us to share with you a proposal for that training.


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