IPHDC delivers high quality standard and customized trainings that provide participants with practical skills to enable them address day-to-day workplace and personal challenges. The trainings blend international best practices and local contexts to empower development and humanitarian actors. The courses offered at IPHDC are broadly categorized into our three thematic areas.

Public Health Promotion


  • Hygiene and Sanitation Promotion training of trainers using PHAST, CLTS and CHAST methodologies;
  • Hygiene and Sanitation Promotion for emergency contexts;
  • WASH in Schools (WinS);
  • WASH in Communities (WinCs);
  • Malaria prevention and Control;
  • Household Water Treatment methods;
  • Water Quality Testing;
  • Integrated HIV prevention, care and treatment.

Program Management


  • Program/project Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E);
  • Project Cycle Management (PCM);
  • Program Quality Improvement (PQI);
  • GIS for project planning and management;
  • Effective Proposal and Report writing skills (EPR);
  • Quantitative and qualitative research methodologies (QQRM).

Cross-cutting issues


  • Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation (DRR&CCA);
  • Gender mainstreaming;
  • Presentation and facilitation skills;
  • Knowledge Management (KM).

We have developed a model of quality assurance at every step of the training process. The model observes quality issues before the training, during the training and after the training.

Our training services are delivered in either of the following three packages:Onsite Courses; Online Courses; and Tailor-Made Courses

Onsite Courses

These are standard courses developed overtime by IPHDC in response to existing capacity gaps among actors in development and humanitarian fields. The courses are normally interactive employing a mode of delivery consisting of frontal lectures, group activities, plenary discussions, documentaries, case studies, role plays among others in a real-life workshop set up.

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Online Courses

Just like our Onsite Courses, our Online Courses have also been developed to address existing capacity gaps among actors in development and humanitarian sectors. Through our interactive virtual platform, trainees participate in a number of online sessions using approaches such as webinars, presentations, videos and online reference materials. The online courses offer the advantage of flexibility and convenience in terms of distance and time.

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Tailor-Made Courses

These are custom-made trainings in response to specific capacity needs identified by our clients. Once the needs have been identified, we formulate training modules based on our existing standard courses, client’s requirement and the current best practices in that particular field.

Please write us an Email training@iphdcinternational.org to inquire more on how we can provide you with our tailor-made training courses.